Congratulations Winners!

 After a week of online and in studio voting, we finally have our winners…

First we would like to congratulate Mr. Jarrod and all this year’s participants on their fabulous work! 
You made our studio and its Facebook page so much more beautiful with your lovely art pieces- thank you!
You accomplished something truly wonderful with oil pastels, canvas and a whole lot of talent- we are super proud of you all!
To the parents, friends and family who rallied for votes and helped us select our winners- thank you!
It was truly wonderful seeing your enthusiastic participation and how it motivated and encouraged our young artists!
Now, let’s discuss how we gathered our results…
A third of our votes came from our Facebook page and online voting, another third of our votes came from in studio voting and the final third of votes came from guest artists who were invited to help us critique the art work and help decide this year’s winners.

Congratulations everybody!

Art Competiton Winners