About Us

About Us

About the CMA

At the International Conservatory of Music and the Arts, also known as the CMA, we believe in the benefits of a well-rounded fine arts education. Our music and arts programs have been custom crafted to offer the best of classical and contemporary, from domestic to international to ensure that our students have the versatility and knowledge to become the best possible artists and musicians.

Our bright and spacious studios are conveniently located at the corner of Brimley and Steeles, bordering both the cities of Scarborough and Markham and allow for students’ optimal learning.

At the CMA we not only teach students to develop a strong grasp of the fine arts but we instill in them, a lifelong love for the arts as well.

We specialize in group lessons and are adamant about their benefits: they provide motivation, a social dimension to an otherwise isolating experience and open up a world of materials that are not available in one on one lessons. Students learn not only from our teaching staff but from one another as well. They are excited to attend lessons because they are learning amongst friends and are part of an artistic community.

No matter the age or ability we are confident we have a program that is right for you. We believe in your artistic potential and our dedicated staff have the know how and experience to help you to reach it to its fullest.


About Music Lessons

About Music Lessons

The Ontario Ministry of Education recognizes achievements in Royal Conservatory Examinations for credit towards secondary school graduation. It is also considered an important element in entrance requirements for professional music programs at many universities across North America. All instrumental students are prepared so that they are able to easily move into the RCM examination system. Students are taught to read music and instructed in musical theory so that their musical studies remain eligible for accreditation.

Our program works alongside the provincial standard, several elements are kept the same enabling a seamless transition. Where our program is different is that although it introduces classical music it is not restricted to it. Students are introduced to classical music but jazz, popular and contemporary as well, and while all examinations adhere to standard technical requirements they reinforce a diversified repertoire to keep students interested and motivated. All programs progress through examinations, moving towards RCM examinations and high-school accreditation. Our music curriculum incorporates all types of music from Mozart to Stevie Wonder, Brahms to The Beatles, Kevin Olsen to Katy Perry and everything in between.

Our students are exposed to a wide array of artistic genres while simultaneously adhering to the National standard as established by the Royal Conservatory of Music. We offer an academic program not limited by the traditional confines of academia. Throughout the year our students are provided with several platforms to showcase their hard work, from examinations to concerts and competitions both within our CMA community as well as venturing out into Scarborough, Markham and surrounding areas.Music general

Benefits of Registration

Benefits of Registration

Members of the conservatory have a reserved time slot for their weekly lessons, that means not having to stress about bookings and students are allowed seamless uninterrupted progress.

Members will be provided a loaner instrument for the first eight weeks of lessons at no additional cost and, when the time comes to acquire an instrument, teachers are always available to make recommendations and assist members in finding the perfect instrument to best suit their learning needs.

Extra help lessons are available at no additional cost, upon teacher recommendation. Our teachers care, if they see that a student is struggling with a particular lesson they offer up extra practice time to ensure that students are able to fully grasp the required materials.

The CMA is a registered dealer of ROLAND digital pianos, and offers its members instruments at discounted rates.

Required materials, such as music books, can be ordered through the school at a discounted rate and presented to students at the time of need, which saves students from having to scour the city in search of books.


Getting Started

About Evaluations

Not every beginning is the same, our experienced teachers offer free consultations to assess potential candidates and will find the program that will best benefit your artistic needs.

What Makes Us Different?

Think about it. The arts consist of a lot more than solo projects. Musicians develop enhanced ear and rhythmic training as well as greater familiarity with performing in front of others. Artists learn not only from their work but from the inspiration of other artists. Group lessons open up a world not readily available in a private setting. Besides which, collaborative learning has been shown to result in higher student achievement, higher self-esteem, and higher motivation. So really, with all the benefits, the question should be, why not group lessons?


Parent-teacher communication is very important to us. We understand that not all parents are experts. Our knowledgeable and approachable community of teachers is always ready and available to answer all of your questions and assure that you are best able to help your child practice.